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When technology works, it works wonders. When it doesn't, Consult ED

Serving Calgary and surrounding areas since 2006, we specialize on IT support for small and medium companies. From a simple mouse replacement to a full featured Network Infrastructure, Consult ED can help to keep your company’s computer systems running in a smooth, efficient and productive manner.

What We Do

Computer Repair And Support

From the basics of hardware maintenance and repair to software updates, operating system upgrades, new equipment installation and replacements to full scale computer support including backups, remote access and collaboration.

Consult ED can be your most reliable technology source.

Network Support

In terms of network infrastructure, small and medium businesses have very particular requirements. Consult ED specializes in providing network solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Communications, Internet, Email

Managing your business’ digital communications can be challenging. From email to SMS, chats to on-line presence, internet to social media. Consult ED can help your company create, implement and maintain the best strategy and infrastructure to manage all of your digital communications.

Business Continuity

Digital data backups are essential for protection against data loss which can completely disrupt business operations. Consult ED can help your company define the best data protection strategy including on-site and off-site backups, procedures and redundancy.

Data Recovery

When storage media fails, critical data may be corrupted, missing, inaccessible and possibly lost. Consult ED has the specialized knowledge, equipment and resources to recover data from failed devices when normal data access methods cannot be performed or are not successful.

Working From Home

As the world changes, we need to adapt to a new reality, working from home. As challenging as it is, also represents new opportunities for improved productivity, flexibility and life-work balance. Consult Ed has a full catalogue of services to make your new normal productive, comfortable and effective.

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